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The Eternity TTRPG website was created because there are not a lot of widely-promoted independent tabletop roleplaying games, online. Most of what you see are only from major companies in the genre. Or, the content is focused on already-prominent games.

Eternity TTRPG, along with being our site name, is also the name of our own independent (self-published) tabletop roleplaying game.

It’s the goal of this site to promote Eternity, universal tabletop resources for all games, and less-known tabletop games of all kinds. Because we also want our site to be thorough in covering the tabletop genre, we do also talk about well-known games and companies. Our main focus, however, will always be promoting and helping our readers explore independent games.

Everyone who contributes to this site is actively engaged in playing new games, attending conventions, and being part of the tabletop gaming community, in all its forms. We love tabletop gaming, and especially tabletop roleplay gaming.

This site is not built by professional game designers, but rather by professional publishers who are experience in building editorial teams that are highly qualified to share opinions, news, and information in the tabletop gaming space. We obviously love have the views and opinions of seasoned game designers on our site, but we also love the contribution of pure game enthusiasts. After all, we believe that tabletop gaming is best when pros and everyday gamers come together.

We try our best to create the best possible content for tabletop gamers. We hope that you find something new on our site that you’ve never seen before on any other tabletop gaming site.

Tabletop roleplaying is an art form that we want to see spread to as many people as possible. We hope you’ll join our community, and help more people experience epic tabletop adventures.

Jacob Tegtman

Creator of Eternity TTRPG

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