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What is Eternity TTRPG?

Eternity TTRPG is an independently published tabletop roleplay game. Our site, is a website dedicated to both our game, and many others.


Where can I buy the Game?

We sell Eternity TTRPG as a PDF download here on our site. You can find it by clicking here: Shop Eternity TTRPG. 


Does Eternity TTRPG use a Game Master?

It does not. Rather, everyone playing the game helps contribute to the roles of a game master. However, if you would rather play your game with a single GM, you can. Just take the rest of the game as-is and ignore the chapters on group storytelling.


What’s the Game’s Overall “Feel?”

If you combine world-building, group storytelling, and highly tactical combat, you’ve got a good picture of Eternity TTRPG. 


How Long to Get Started?

Eternity’s rulebook is about 150 pages. However, if you follow along in Ch.1 step-by-step, you can start a new campaign with a new group (on the fly, even) in about 15minutes. Of course, familiarizing yourself with the rulebook before gaming with others only helps. But, this isn’t a difficult game to pick up and get started. There is, however, a lot of depth to the game that your group can unravel as you get further in.


Explain Combat?

Eternity TTRPG was originally based on JRPGs that used grid- and-turn based combat (much like most TTRPGs). The decisions you make each turn in combat for abilities, spells, or actions used have a substantial impact on the fight. There are many more options for players beyond just “moving and attacking.” Stats alone don’t win or lose a fight.


Does the Game come with its own Lore?

We are currently working on expanding the game to include lore from the various campaigns our own gaming group has played over the last many years. We will likely add Lore as an inexpensive “Game Expansion” option. 


Can Kids Play?

The group storytelling part of Eternity can easily be simplified for younger audiences, and is actually great for them because it’s based in pure creativity. We still think 12+ is a good bet for any kind of meaningful or longer-duration play. If you’re wanting to get into the strategic combat piece of Eternity, however, we recommend 14+ as fight tactics can be complex. The game can be simplified for really any age group that’s able and willing to sit down to play.


What Dice does the Game Use?

If you are using our online Initiative Tracker, each player only needs 1d20 (a single 20-sided dice). If you don’t want to use our initiative tracker or don’t have access to internet while gaming, each player will need 2d20.


Why so Few Dice?

We find that in most tabletop RPGs, people spend more time adding up dice and doing math than playing the actual game. Eternity TTRPG’s game play pacing is definitely improved with less dice rolling, and there’s still plenty of depth to the game.


Is there much Math Involved?

Actually, hardly any math is required, at all. Most characters, for example have somewhere between 3-5HP. Almost all attacks deal 1 damage. There are larger numbers tracked when rolling to attack, defend, or make skill/ knowledge checks. But, compared to most tabletop RPGs, Eternity is easier.


Does Eternity TTRPG have Classes?

Yes. There are 22 unique classes in Eternity. Check out our classes page to see them each in more detail.


Does Eternity use Levels?

Yes, the game makes use of the traditional level system found in many TTRPGs. The max level in Eternity is 10. With each new level gained, characters acquire a new spell or ability of their choice, based on their class.


Is Eternity compatible with other RPGs?

Eternity is only compatible with lore and stories given by other RPGs and RPG supplements. Since Eternity TTRPG uses its own gaming and combat system, numbers included in adventures need to be adjusted. However, since Eternity’s system is relatively simple compared to most RPGs, the work required by a game master in preparation for a session is minimal.


Why does Eternity TTRPG have Classes and use Levels?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to games that use classes and levels vs. those that are more free-form. We’ve found that classes allow players more creativity than classless games (read our article on Class Based RPGs and Classless RPGs here). It’s nice to think that if players miss a game that doesn’t use levels, they never get “behind.” However, in all tabletop RPGs, characters “gain” something each session – whether that’s Exp (and levels), skills, items, or even just roleplay connections and credibility in the game world. Levels do provide a sense of accomplishment and proof of power, which we find players love in any game, which is why we chose to use them in Eternity.


What All do I need to Play?

You will need a single d20 (20-sided dice), a character sheet printed out for each player (click here to get the PDF), a pencil, a gaming mat or map, and either gaming miniatures or something to represent your characters. If you are new to TTRPGs (tabletop roleplay games), check out our TTRPG article for more information on what you need to get started!


Do you have Plans for Future Expansions?

We do! There will be several expansions to the game, including additional levels (from level 10-100+), items, monsters, races and classes, and a kingdom-building/ mass combat system. Be sure to check back in on our site to get updates! You can also sign up for our email newsletter to receive updates, as well.


Where Can I Learn More?

Check out our About Us page to learn more about Eternity TTRPG and our approach as a website.


Where can I contact someone with further Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page. We will get back with you as soon as possible!

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