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You Need a DnD Campaign Planner

If you plan on playing an ongoing DnD campaign, you need a DnD campaign planner. They’re an essential tool for dungeon masters, and I would suggest, even for players of a campaign.

Extraordinary Single Player DnD in 7 Steps

Single player DnD is a great way to spend part of an evening or get in some gaming if my regular group hasn’t met up for a while.

DnD Quest Ideas and DnD Side Quests

Need some quick DnD ideas or DnD side quests? We’ve got you covered.

Create an Incredible Story from a TPK in DnD

If you aren’t familiar with the term TPK, it stands for “Total Party Kill.”

RPG Campaign

Playing in an ongoing RPG campaign takes tabletop RPG experiences to the next level.

Fallen Paladin

In Eternity TTRPG, the fallen paladin is known as the “Destroyer of the Light.” It’s a class that believes in the right of the individual to pursue whatever ends they desire, and fights for the rights of those with power to dominate.

Class Based RPG vs. Classless RPG Pros and Cons

This post is primarily for people who either love game design or who love learning about in-depth aspects of games – particularly roleplay games.

TTRPG – Welcome to Tabletop Roleplaying

The term TTRPG stands for tabletop roleplay game (or tabletop RPG). TTRPGs are the “old-school” equivalent of video game RPGs.