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In Eternity TTRPG, you both play a character, and co-game master with your gaming group. In almost every TTRPG (tabletop roleplay game), only one person is the “game master.” The game master creates the fantasy world and everyone else roleplays characters in the story.


After decades of gaming, we’ve found that multiple people engaging in creation of a game world creates for a better world. And better stories. Eternity TTRPG is a tabletop roleplaying game where every player at the gaming table contributes to the story’s direction.


Try it out! Eternity TTRPG is easy to pick up, even for players new to tabletop gaming. Your game can be up and running in 10-15 minutes.

Eternity TTRPG Roleplay Game


All players around the gaming table contribute ideas to world creation, storylines, and overall gameplay. Players take turns deciding between which ideas best move the story forward. 


Experienced TTRPG players get to show off their roleplaying and story building skills more often, since their ideas are typically chosen more often. Less experienced players get to still help choose the direction of the story, and learn how to craft better stories from the group’s more experienced players.


No matter how good of a game master you are, or ever will be, you will never come up with better stories than a small, dedicated group of gamers. Using Eternity TTRPG’s storytelling system, even large gaming groups can keep their creative ideas heading towards epic campaigns

Class Based RPG

Eternity TTRPG is a class based RPG. Thousands of hours of playtesting and gaming have ensured the game’s high levels of balance. Players can choose from 22 different classes. Each class has 10 spells/ abilities, and 30 unique “specialization” options. Varying specialization combinations allow players in the same gaming group to choose the same class as someone else, while still experiencing entirely different ways of playing their character.

Combine your chosen class with a unique race, items, and treasures, and you’ll turn your character’s class into anything you want it to be.

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World Building

Eternity TTRPG can be played using lore provided with the game, or you can use the rules provided for your own world creation. If your gaming group decides to do your own world creation, the process is very easy. Each player contributes ideas for a number of “Game Elements”: places, people, items, events in the game world, etc. 

Players then create connections between game elements, create their characters, and give them their own “goals.” Stories naturally arise out of the connections, goals, and opposition. Game elements and the “storylines” that come out of them are used to keep everyone at the gaming table on the same page with what’s happening in the game world. It’s how multiple players can all be the game master at different times, and have the game still stay on track.

With multiple players all contributing to ideas to the game world, the result is a deep pool of resources to draw from. 


With Eternity TTRPG, you just roll20. Meaning, you only roll a 20-sided dice. Many TTRPG’s require players to have a full set of dice (6’s, 8’s, 20’s, maybe a couple 10’s to make a “d100” system, and more). Though it can be fun to roll many dice, once thrown, they usually end up all over the gaming table, on the floor, and in people’s laps. Plus, it simply takes a long time to count the results from multiple dice.


For each action in Eternity TTRPG where there’s a chance of success or failure, each player rolls a single 20-sided dice. That’s it. Very simple. Very fast. The focus stays on what’s happening in the game world and the story, and not on tracking numbers.

Massive Fun

Ultimately, we all play games for massive fun. Eternity TTRPG provides enough rules to give your gaming group the framework you need to create amazing worlds, legendary stories, and engage in dramatic fights. But there’s enough flexibility for your group to decide the best way to have fun, for you.

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Tactical RPG

There are essentially two sides to a TTRPG: 1) story/ roleplaying, and 2) combat. Eternity is a tactical RPG in the sense that during combat, each class has their own spells and abilities that make them equally and uniquely valuable. Players are encouraged to think through their options, and use the right action at the right time, to win.


Newer players get the benefit of learning their class one spell or ability at a time, as it takes characters a long time to “learn” all of their class’ powers. While playing, you can rest assured that whatever character you build, your play style will be viable. We’ve literally put thousands of playtest hours into the Eternity TTRPG classes so you can game according to your strategy.

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Eternity TTRPG Races


“Ascended” humans. Sometimes known as elfs.


Monstrous beasts.


“Fallen” humans. Sometimes known as dark elfs.


Magically mutated.


The original and most prevalent race.


Lion people who live upon the plains.


Bodies of organic rock.


Sentient trees.


Wings of bone. Sometimes known as “angels of destruction.”

Read below to learn more about each Race, in depth.


Among their ancestral sacred words, “ateri” means ascended – a term given to them by humans. The ancestors of the ateri were an elite class of humans who developed a magical artifact that allowed them to transcend their instinctual human nature, becoming ascended elfs. That artifact was lost during the “eternal war” when the ascended’s slaves – the humans who were not “enlightened” – broke free from their master’s dominion.

Ateri do not try to control life, but accept what is. They do not put great energy into protecting their people, but allow nature, the newly born tree of life, and their homeland, Ateria (meaning “ascension”), to do so for them. They do not try to alter nature, but alter themselves to best thrive with it. And because their “ascension” extended their natural lifespan indefinitely, they do not fear death or feel any anxiety about length of life.

Ateri have fine, brightly colored hair. They are lithe and stand about 5ft tall. Less physically powerful than humans and less magically adept, they are faster, and far wiser.


The “crour formula” is an alchemical potion which some people take to numb pain or experience altered states of consciousness. The formula also increases physical power, deadens pain, and provides an extreme adrenaline boost. However, it comes with a high risk, as the potion allows its user to “see” the true nature of life (raw, primal magic), which to the untrained mind, can cause a person to “break,” and become berserk. Crour formula also has an addictive element to it, which many find difficult to resist.

A “crour” is a person of any race who has taken crour formula so often that is has permanently altered their body and mind. They permanently grow horns and have enlarged bodies. They’re sometimes in control but sometimes helpless while their insane alter-ego takes over…

The most basic ingredient in the crour formula is the “draught of life,” a creation of empyreans (dark elfs) to survive even while their bodies were being torn asunder by magic.


The ancestors of the empyrean are humans who, along with what came to be the ateri, developed a magical artifact that allowed them to transcend their instinctual human nature. The human slaves of this elite class came to call the newly-formed empyreans “fallen” humans,” or dark elfs.  The artifact that created the empyreans was lost during the “eternal war” when the fallen’s slaves – the humans who were not “enlightened” – broke free from their master’s dominion.

Empyrean attempt to control all aspects of life. They believe in striking first to protect oneself. They also believe in punishing enemies of theirs so thoroughly that no future protection is ever again required from them.

They use magic of all kinds to alter nature from its original form, to best fit their needs. Their craving for immortal life also brought about a terrible world-wide reckoning known as the “Mirror Incident,” where the life of all beings began gradually to slip away into the void. Now, empyreans have learned to draw their life from that same break in reality – the void – and have achieved immortality in life span. In return, however, though their bodies have darkened, and their physique has suffered for their transgression.


In ancient days, all celestial bodies were nothing more than stars floating in the night sky. Until one night, the gates of eternity opened and the “mirror incident” occurred, bringing with it the “mirror star.” The night lit in unholy illumination, and the city of Pandaemonium was destroyed in star fire. The remains of the mirror star now pollute the northern lands with magical radiation, mutating those near it. Magic runes cover their bodies.

Espers are those who have been magically mutated by the “Mirror Incident” and the star that fell too far away to kill them, but near enough to forever alter them. Espers have great magical power. So much at times, that they glow with an arcane aura. To survive, espers need magic from the mirror star, which they can gain through osmosis even at great distances. But to get too close or too far away from the star, for too long, is detrimental to their mental and physical health.


Of all races, humans are the most diverse in the ways they look, act, and perceive the world. Determination, ingenuity, and compassion have enabled them to create the most powerful nations in Aeturnum. More than all others, they are an emotional people, which can fuel them into great passion for good, or corrupt them into degenerative and destructive behaviors.

Humans are the original race of Aeturnum. They were born from primal magic at the start of existence. Their inborn spirit, which all humans possess – the drive, passion, and dominion – is primal magic, manifest.

The elite, ruling class of humans in the lands of ancient Yzarc created a magical artifact that altered them into the “ascended” (ateri) or “fallen” (empyreans). The serf class of humans (those unaltered) were freed from their master’s rule during the eternal war, and the artifact that changed the ateri and empyreans was destroyed. Ever since, humans have come to control the majority of lands and power in Aeturnum. All great baronies today are led by those of noble human lineage.


The tree of life was created by the eternal Renrys to protect the world of Aeturnum from danger. Born of the tree of life were the jadori – lions who walk upon two feet. The jadori of ancient days spread out from the tree of life to carry out its will. To them were given rule and protection of the animal kingdom.

The ateri paladin St. Ranroth, 320 years after he took an oath to protect Aeturnum, destroyed the tree of life, the human Barony of Jorinta that contained it, and the vast majority of jadori and treants in the day that became known as “the Great Betrayal.”

The jadori that survived are a wild people, and typical Aeturnum civilization does not suit them. They stand as tall as 7 ft. with clawed hands and feet, and fangs of jade. Weak, politically and influentially across Aeturnum, jadori are highly impressive in person. They are wild, demanding, and aggressive. They are also suspicious of magic, and largely incapable of wielding the power.

Word has also spread that a new tree of life has grown among the ashes of the old. Jadori from across the land now head there to protect and serve their new master.


There was once a clan of stocky, short humans known as “dwarfs” who, following the “eternal war,” mined out their home in the mountains of Kel-Nagrand. After several thousand years, the halls of their mountain kingdom became legendary, and their wealth vast. At the pinnacle of their realm, the humans reached a vein of adamantium unwise to take. And in their greed, they caused the volcanic eruption of the World Mountain.

The adamantium vein they’d found, and a magmous, living metal behind it, shattered into millions of shards in the eruption. Those far enough away from the eruption to survive, but who were close enough that they were hit with the shards of living metal, which imbedded themselves within their bodies, became stoneborn.

The living metal in stoneborn compels them to eat rock, earth, and sometimes gemstones, as part of their regular nutrition. Over years, stoneborn become what the eat. Dependent upon the types of minerals and rocks consumed, a stoneborn’s body becomes any kind of organic rock, gemstone, or earth. Many live in the hills, or especially the ancient mountain kingdom of Kel-Nagrand for access to plentiful food.

Not all people born to stoneborn become so, themselves. But since the World Mountain’s eruption, no one has become stoneborn except by birth.


The tree of life was created by the eternal Renrys to protect the world of Aeturnum from danger. Born of the tree of life, along with jadori, were the treants – sentient trees who could spread out from the tree of life to carry out its will. To them were given rule and protection of the plant kingdom.

The ateri paladin St. Ranroth, 320 years after he took an oath to protect Aeturnum, destroyed the tree of life, the human Barony of Jorinta that contained it, and the vast majority of jadori and treants in the day that became known as “the Great Betrayal.”

Of all races, treants care the least for the politics and affairs of other mortals. Instead, their realm is the forests of Aeturnum. Treants are strongly connected to the wilds and are often druidic in nature. They are often deep, philosophic beings, though rarely speak quickly. The forests and plains of Aeturnum are watched over by this race. They rarely travel except to fulfill their duties of protecting and sustaining nature.

Word has also spread that a new tree of life has grown among the ashes of the old. Treants from across the land now head there to protect and serve their new master.


Yzarc are known by most races in Aeturnum as “Angels of destruction.” Yzarc are the beings created by the eternal known as the “Angel of History” during the “Mirror Incident.” Originally, Yzarc were two separate races – the angelic trinati, and the abyssal asura. Now merged into one, Yzarc are something like tainted angels, or purified demons. Hence why the eternal Thangoruin Vy Ainamarth withheld them from the world of Aeturnum for some time, until the inner conflict in their beings could settle to some degree, and the world could heal.

Yzarc can be any race, but with skeletal wings and skeletal tails. They are the antithesis to humans, ateri, and empyreans: instead of being split into “ascended” and “fallen” humans, they are holy and profane, merged. Thus, they are the fulfillment of the lands of ancient Yzarc, the final plan of the Angel of History.

They are magically powerful. Yzarc alone among all races – besides humans – are also capable of absolute dominion. By the end of days, it is anticipated that the world will be either controlled by humans, in a free society as it is now, or enthralled by absolute power in a “utopia” of Yzarc creation.

Eternity TTRPG Classes





Fallen Paladin





Nether Knight




Revenant/ Witch

Royal Guard





Vampire Mage


Witch Hunter

Read below to learn more about each Class, in depth.

You can also take the Eternity TTRPG Class Quiz to see what Class you might most enjoy playing!


Eternity TTRPG Assassin

Masters of stealth who have trained to deliver sudden death. Rare is the person who can master these skills.

Ambush – surprise enemies with an instant action.

Assassinate – attack with a chance to cause instant death.

Feign Death – when injured, escape potential danger.


More rage, more power. Reckless, but brutal in effect. Dual wields, and never fears an up-close encounter with anyone.

Dual-Wield – easily equip weapons in each hand.

Mania – chance to cause damage to any enemy nearby. 

Wrath – the more you’re attacked, the higher your hit chance.


Born of the Winter Solstice. Commands the powers of ice and cold. Magic that debilitates enemies and protects allies. 

Frozen Blast – slow enemies in battle.

Glacial Shell – protect yourself and allies with a magical barrier. 

Icy Enervation – each time an enemy acts they can take damage.


In-tune with the nature around them. Shapeshift, command magic, heal allies, and provide support no matter the circumstance. 

Earth Blades – a recurring damage attack with earth magic. 

Seed of Healing – provide recurring healing to yourself or allies.

Wolf Shape – change shapes into an animal.

Fallen Paladin

Those who seek to destroy the light. Champions of the battlefield, and the cause of shadows. They seek above all else to dominate.

Blood Spiller – every time you attack, a chance for more damage.

Dread March – when heavily injured, heal using shadows.

Oathbreaker – those who aren’t healed take shadow damage.

Read the Fallen Paladin article here.


The world is a stage, and why not? Since it’s all a jest, may as well be a Jester. Mimics others to show them the truth of themselves. 

Adaptive Learner – learn one spell or ability from any other Class. 

Copycat – take on another’s stats for a short time.

Mimic – copy a spell or ability recently used by an ally or enemy.


Eternity TTRPG Judge

Authority of the realm on behalf of its Lord. Keeps peace, instills law and order, and fights for justice. Jury and Judge.

In Defense of the Realm – protects all allies from damage. 

Justice of Elysium – use magic to pull enemies towards you.

Relentless Lawbringer – continually increases chance to dodge attacks.


Eternity TTRPG Legionnaire

Master of war. Dedicated to the art of being a soldier, in profession and purpose. Leads others to victory through command. 

Break Morale – greatly weakens an enemy, without fail.  

Expression of the Soul – command all allies to attack, at once.   

Strategic Advantage – increases an ally’s hit chance.


Eternity TTRPG Monk

Master of self. Combines the spirit, the mind, and the body into every action performed. Fights best unarmed and unarmored.

Aura Strikes – steal critical power from enemies, with your attacks.

Dragon Claw – attack enemies before they can attack you.   

Phase Shift – teleport, and become temporarily immune to magic.

Nether Knight

Eternity TTRPG Nether Knight

Uses illusions and phantom warriors to fight enemies. A single Nether Knight can form an army at his or her command.

Nether Blade – when you attack, creates a new Phantom Image.

Phantom Image – creates an illusion that fights for you.        

Will to Destroy – consume a Phantom Image to gain power.


Eternity TTRPG Oracle

The ability to predict outcomes, foresee the future, and foretell doom. Conjures magic unknown to any other wizards in the land.

Doom – attack with a chance to cause certain death, in time.    

Omen – enhances an ally’s attacks, by telling them where to strike.   

Reflect – cause magic aimed at you to reflect upon its caster.


Eternity TTRPG Paladin

Those who defend the light. Champions of the battlefield, and a beacon of righteousness. They seek to liberate.

Cascading Remorse – take damage in place of an ally.

Judgement – dramatically increase the power of all allies, for a time.

Peacekeeper – chance to heal allies whenever they are attacked.


Eternity TTRPG Pyromancer

Born of the Summer Solstice. Commands the powers of fire and heat. Magic that sears enemies and entire battlefields.

Abyssal Flare – causes massive fire damage, at a large range.

Primal Arcana – instantly cast any spell available to you.

Sunblaze – ignites continual flames all over the battlefield.

Revenant/ Witch

Eternity TTRPG Revenant Witch

Those who defend the shadows. Wielders of cunning magic that deceives and weakens enemies. Darkness is their very being.

Familiar – summon a companion that can cast magic for you.   

Spellbound – continual chance to take over the mind of an enemy. 

Wicked Heart – causes healing to instead deal damage.

Royal Guard

Eternity TTRPG Royal Guard

Life-sworn to the service and protection of another. Masters of the shield. Devoted to a cause, organization, or person.

Blade Training – gain additional defenses for each enemy nearby.

Executioner – gain additional hit chance against dazed enemies.

Shield Slam – bash an enemy to daze them.


Those who bring light to the world around them. Scholars, wise men, and students of the universe. They command powerful healing magic.

Anti-Magic – cause enemies’ magic to become weakened.   

Blessed Light – heals an ally from damage they’ve received.    

White Aegis – surround allies with a magical barrier to protect them.


Eternity TTRPG Samurai

The noble class of elite warriors. The art of the katana is only formally taught by and among the noble families.

Kenjutsu – switch sword stances, gaining bonuses of your choice.

Masamune – a formidable attack against enemies at full strength. 

Murumasa – a crippling slash that deals damage if enemies move.


Gatekeepers of Aeturnum. Through portals to others realms, they call forth and command powerful beasts and eidolons.

Gates of Eternity – enhance spells through gateways you create.  

Mana Shield – in place of taking damage, lose magical power.  

Oblivion – summon a terrifying creature to deal immense damage.


Eternity TTRPG Thief

Masters of breaking, entering, stealth, and stealing. In fights, they brawl without rules or restraint. 

Apply Poison – apply a variety of toxins to your weapon.

Gamble – the luck of the dice gives you bonuses to stats.  

Steal – take items or even an enemy’s weapon or armor.

Vampire Mage

Eternity TTRPG Vampire Mage

Those who deliver shadows to the world around them. Terrifying students of life and death. They can even become vampires.

Drain Life – steal life from an enemy and give it to an ally.

Raise Dead – reanimate corpses to fight on your behalf.  

Shadow Aura – gain life by consuming shadows.


Eternity TTRPG Vanguard

Advance force among soldiers. Those who use sword, spear, and bow to gain the advantage in a fight, as opportunities arise.

Combat Mobility – move even when attacking.

Intimidating Presence – chance each turn to taunt enemies.

Range Mastery – add additional reach to all of your attacks.

Witch Hunter

Eternity TTRPG Witch Hunter

Those who seek to destroy shadows. Wielders of powers that heal allies, enhance deadliness, and counteract magic.  

Consecrate – every turn, chance to heal allies and damage enemies.

Inquisition – gain additional hit chance or initiative every turn.  

Spell Breaker – when enemies cast magic, chance to dispel.

Eternity TTRPG
Class Quiz

You can also check out the      Eternity TTRPG Class Quiz for a short 2 minute quiz to find out what Class you might most enjoy playing!

Take the quiz to see what kind of characters you normally like playing in Tabletop RPGs, and what that kind of character might look like in Eternity TTRPG.

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