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The Ultimate DnD Gifts Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide for DnD gifts! We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, searching across the web for the best gifts ideas. This guide is the most comprehensive DnD gift guide on the web, today. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, or perhaps pick up a new idea or two of which you might never have thought!

To make perusing through the many DnD gifts easier, we’ve included in-article hyperlinks immediately below for each of the gift idea categories. The categories we used for DnD gifts may not perfectly match your expectations, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for under one category, try another that closely matches.

Additionally, each category is ordered according to the most popular gifts in that category, first, for your convenience. So, even if you’re not extremely familiar with DnD or tabletop games, no worries! This guide will help you choose a gift that’s likely to be loved.

Time to find the best DnD gifts!

DnD Gifts
Whether Specific to DnD or Simply Adding to the Environment, we’ve got DnD Gift ideas you’ll love.

Gifts for D&D Players

These DnD gifts picks are for all D&D players. This category contains DnD gifts likely to be a big hit, no matter how long the recipient has been playing tabletop games, or what they’re into.

1. Core Rule Books for D&D

This gift is an obvious gift pick since D&D is the largest tabletop roleplay game in the world. This is a great gift for someone wanting to start playing tabletop games. However, note that this is not a great gift for many people who have already been playing tabletop games for some time, as they probably already have these core rule books.

Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

Note that there are three core rulebooks for DnD 5e (5th edition – the most recent version of the game). Each book costs about $30, and can be purchased separately. This particular offer comes with all three rulebooks in a special gift set.

2. Dice

No list of DnD gifts would be complete without mentioning dice. It’s important to note that there are many types of dice available. To keep it simple, we’ve included some of our top picks for dice, below. However, if you know your loved one is really into all the different types of dice available, check out our article on best D&D dice to really get into the details of what to purchase. 

Dice Envy Metal Dice

These metal dice by Dice Envy are high quality, look spectacular, and are sure to add flavor to any tabletop game. Dice Envy also offers recurring monthly or tri-monthly subscription box options. Subscription gift boxes have become more popular across many industries, as people love gifts that continue to show up throughout the year.

Bag of Holding

The Bag of Holding is a popular item in the D&D core rule book. So, this gift is more than just a ton of dice. It’s also a reference to one of D&D’s most beloved in-game artifacts.

Dice Bag

Having a special bag to hold dice can be a nice extra, for any DnD player. The great thing about dice bags is that they’re also inexpensive, and make as great extras for any gift set.

Dice Holder – Sword

Very similar in concept to a dice bag, dice holders keep dice both between and during play. The difference with a dice holder is that it is often shaped to look like some kind of special fantasy element, like this small, fantasy sword.

Dice Tower and Tray

Dice towers are meant to roll dice for you. Place your dice at the top of the tower, and it rolls out onto a tray. Perfect for players concerned about scratching up tables as dice fall on them. They’re also just another good element to add to any tabletop setting.

3. Miniatures

Miniatures are great for any tabletop game, as they help take the “theater of the mind” and put some reference to what’s really happening, in-game. Some miniatures come pre-painted, which is ideal for players new to tabletop gaming. If purchasing for someone who already loves tabletop games, they may enjoy painting their own miniatures, for the extra customization.

HeroForge Miniatures

HeroForge is our top pick because their site allows people to custom-create their own miniature. For this reason, we recommend picking up a gift card, as opposed to actually buying a miniature (unless you want to custom-create a mini, as your gift). Gift cards can be found if you click the green “Buy” button on the bottom left of the screen, then the “Gift Card” option that pulls down. Most minis from HeroForge run between $20-50, for your reference, when deciding a gift card amount.

Pathfinder Pre-Painted Minis

These pre-painted minis by Pathfinder make great gifts. Each set comes with 4 or so miniatures that are all high-quality. The minis all have a lot of detail, and certainly bring their own degree of fantasy craft and artwork to the gaming table. 

Skinny Minis

This is a newer company that originally launched via Kickstarter. The reason we love these minis so much is that they offer high-quality art on a 2D surface. This allows you to purchase a lot more minis, for the same price as full 3D models.

Miniatures Paint Set

If you do decide to get someone unpainted miniatures, having a basic paint set can get them started towards creating their own, unique characters. This is a great gift option for someone who really enjoys arts and crafts.

4. Gaming Maps

Gaming maps go hand-in-hand with miniatures, since it gives the miniatures a world in which to live. Oftentimes, battles take place on gaming maps, since most maps have gridlines, which allow players to track movement and in-game effects.

Yarro Studios

Yarro Studios is another company that launched via Kickstarter, with tremendous success. They offer an entire book of battle maps, with each page a unique environment. Want to be on a pirate ship? Covered. Need a map for a forest, or castle? Just about every fantasy setting a player could dream can be found within this book.

Basic Grid

This basic grid can be very good for players who want a wet-erase surface. This allows players to place their miniatures, draw on the map, then reset when finished.

5. Leatherbound Journals

Players of long DnD adventures need a place to keep notes for their characters, and for the stories being played. Really, any notebook will often do. But leatherbound journals certainly add to the fantasy setting.

Leatherbound Dragon Journal

This handcrafted journal made of genuine leather has a pair of dragons on its front. The artisan workmanship adds a degree of fantasy to note keeping.

D&D Worldbuilder Journal

This journal is really nice in that each page comes with specific questions to help players think of new ideas for building out their imagined game world. Think of this journal like pages of writing prompts, geared toward D&D.

6. Eternity TTRPG

There are many unique TTRPGs (tabletop roleplaying games) available on the market, in the way that there are many different video games. If the person you’re purchasing for definitely already has the D&D core rulebooks, you might consider getting them a PDF download of Eternity TTRPG:

Eternity TTRPG

Eternity TTRPG is a good buy for people who love storytelling, or who love playing RPG video games. The game currently only comes in a PDF download, however, so it’s probably best purchased as a side gift, but not perhaps, the main gift.

DnD Gifts for Him

This category contains DnD gifts specifically for him! As such, these aren’t so much tabletop gifts, specifically. Rather, these are gifts that a DnD enthusiast is likely to enjoy, that add to the gaming environment.

1. Swords

Basically, every guy in the world likes weapons. Swords are the most iconic fantasy, D&D-themed weapon there is. For a guy, this is simple math. A huge sword at the gaming table adds to the fantasy mythos of the game. Plus, it makes for great wall art for any dude who loves anything medieval-themed.

Frostmourne, from World of Warcraft

This sword is made in fashion of a famous in-game sword from the extremely popular video game, World of Warcraft. 46.46” inches long, 30.71” blade, 10.03 lbs. Blade is non-sharpened steel. Comes with a hanging board.

Legend of Zelda Master Sword

This sword is made in fashion of a famous in-game sword from the extremely popular video game, Legend of Zelda. Full tang, 6.3 lbs. Blade is non-sharpened carbon steel. Comes with a scabbard. Multiple color options.

Medieval Crusader Sword

42” inches long, 28” blade, 3.95 lbs. Blade is non-sharpened steel. Wood scabbard.

2. Tankards and Mugs

Lots of guys like to drink while playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s an evening or weekend hobby, after all! Why not add some fantasy theme to your guy’s fun? Or, simply find him a mug that reflects his general D&D attitude.

Oak D&D Tankard

This wooden beer stein is oak on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. The outside dragon label is copper, and the entire tankard holds 17 oz.

D&D Mug

A very simple, yet effective, Dungeons and Dragons d20 mug.

Sarcasm +5 Mug

For that very sarcastic, special man in your life.

3. D&D-Inspired Cookbooks

We know, cookbooks are typically not every guy’s dream. However, one thing that a lot of guys can get behind is D&D-inspired cookbooks. Imagine making a meal specific to the fantasy setting in which he loves playing. That’s something he might get behind. What may even be better is buying him a cookbook like this, then using it to make his favorite dish, as part of the gift…

The Official Dungeons and Dragons Cookbook

Everything from wood elf forest salad, to fire-spiced abyssal chicken-kabobs, to dwarven mulled wine. Perfect for any D&D enthusiast.

Game of Thrones Cookbook

Who hasn’t heard of The Game of Thrones TV series? Go back to the days of Westeros with these 32 GoT-inspired dishes. Or, better yet, serve up a small dish for your next game of D&D, to all your players.

The Elder Scrolls Cookbook

For any fan of the wildly popular Elder Scrolls video game series, this cookbook is the go-to. Find dishes from all of the fantasy lands of Skyrim, Morrowind, and Tamriel.

4. D&D-Inspired Clothing

Specifically-themed Dungeons and Dragons clothing, both for fun and comfort.

Six Pack Dice Shirt

Check out my six pack. Comes in Small – 3XL. Variety of colors.

Not Procrastinating Shirt

I’m not procrastinating, I’m doing side quests. Comes in Small – 3XL. Variety of colors.

Dad’s DM Shirt

Dad by day, Dungeon Master by night. Comes in Small – 3XL. Variety of colors.

D&D Sleep Pants

This is how I roll. Comes in Small – 3XL.

D&D Chef’s Apron

What doesn’t kill me gives me XP. One size.

DnD Gifts for Her

This category contains DnD gifts specifically for her! As such, these aren’t so much tabletop gifts, specifically. Rather, these are gifts that a DnD enthusiast is likely to enjoy, that add to the gaming environment.

1. D&D-Inspired Household Items

Having D&D-inspired environments definitely makes it easier to wait until the next gaming session. Plus, these items are simply fun, and can be used for a variety of purposes besides just gaming.

Wall Mounted Half Moon Shelf

This half-moon shelf is reminiscent of fantasy gaming, while providing room for all manner of dungeons and dragons accessories or other home items. 16” tall, 12” wide, 3” deep.

DnD Flameless Candles

These make great mood lighting for your evening DnD games, or really any occasion. 12 candles.

D20 Pillow Cover

D20 symbol with a space background. Plush fabric, soft and comfortable texture. Fits an 18” x 18” pillow.

Dragon Coasters

Four coasters with dragon imprints, with a dragon coaster holder. Charcoal color, polyresin.

D20 Wall Art

20-sided dice wooden wall art. 12” by 12”.

2. D&D Inspired Clothing and Blankets

Fun clothing items, and blankets to keep her warm are always a good idea. As part of an ongoing gift, you can always warm up her favorite blanket for a couple minutes in your dryer, before throwing it around her. 

Dungeon Meowster Hoodie

For your lady DM. Warm, comfortable, D&D-trendy. Comes in Small – 2XL. Variety of colors.

Natural 20’s Shirt

Yes, they’re natural. Comes in Small – 3XL. Variety of colors.

Dragon Heart Plush Throw Blanket

Queen size. Purple and white dragons. Black background.

D&D Warm Blanket

Can we just play DnD? Three sizes. Black.

D20 Socks

Keep those feet warm during Fall and Winter D&D games.

3. Jewelry and Unique Gaming Items

These aren’t the high-end jewelry you should buy her for a special occasion, but they are fun gifts for someone who really loves tabletop games. Jewelry box, items to wear, and special dice just for her.

Bronze Dragon Jewelry Box

Also good for holding gemstones, or even dice.

Customizable D20 Dragon Pendant

Customize your dragon and D20 colors.

Sword and Dragon Necklace

Comes in white or white gold.

Magic Ring

Made to look like elvish script from Lord of the Rings. Comes in black or blue.

Unicorn Dice

7-piece metal unicorn-themed DnD dice. D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20.

4. Cookbooks

Some women love cooking, some don’t. However, cookbooks based on D&D themes can be fun, regardless – especially if you’re making a favorite dish from one of her favorite stories, TV shows, or video games. Remember, you can always offer to cook her favorite meal in the book as part of your gift to her…

The Official Dungeons and Dragons Cookbook

Everything from wood elf forest salad, to fire-spiced abyssal chicken-kabobs, to dwarven mulled wine. Perfect for any D&D enthusiast.

Game of Thrones Cookbook

Who hasn’t heard of The Game of Thrones TV series? Go back to the days of Westeros with these 32 GoT-inspired dishes. Or, better yet, serve up a small dish for your next game of D&D, to all your players.

The Elder Scrolls Cookbook

For any fan of the wildly popular Elder Scrolls video game series, this cookbook is the go-to. Find dishes from all of the fantasy lands of Skyrim, Morrowind, and Tamriel.

Dungeons and Dragons Gifts for Kids

These are dungeons and dragons-themed gifts for kids! Sometimes, the best DnD gifts for kids are ones that bring small parts of a fantasy world to them. Plush toys, stuffed animals, and simpler versions of tabletop games, more accessible to their age, make for great gifts.

D&D Starter Set

The D&D Starters Kit is a rules-light version of D&D. It’s a perfect option for kids who want to play the game, that makes gaming more accessible at younger ages. This set comes with pre-made character sheets, and a set of dice.

D&D Essentials Kit

This is a great expansion kit to go along with the D&D Starter Set (immediately above). This kit adds in more of the core game’s rules, along with the entire Dungeon Master (DM) experience.

D&D Young Adventurer’s Collection

We’ve actually been impressed with D&D’s attempts in recent years to make the admittedly complex rules of Dungeons and Dragons more accessible to younger audiences. This gift set introduces younger players to monsters and creatures, warriors and weapons, dungeons and tombs, and wizards and spells.

Jumbo Plush D20

Stuffed D20 for your future D&D player, or for any kid who enjoys D&D.

DnD Baby Clothing

Level 1 human. Sized newborn to 24 months. Variety of colors.

DnD-Themed Boardgames

There are lots of boardgames like DnD on the market, today. These make very good gifts for people who love the tabletop gaming experience, but may not have as much time to play as they once did. Alternatively, these are also very good gifts for people who want to explore playing tabletop games, as these boardgames are a little less complex in terms of rules, and can be played in less time.

Tomb of Annihilation Board Game

The Tomb of Annihilation is based on one of D&D’s classic, most-beloved adventures. This board game version makes the original adventure (known as the “Tomb of Horrors”) accessible to a wider audience. The Tomb of Annihilation, likes its predecessor, is the ultimate in classic dungeon-crawling storytelling. This game is an official Dungeons and Dragons boardgame, and uses a simplified version of the D&D core game for its rules.

Dungeon Mayhem

This neat card game is played with 2-4 players. Players each choose of one four classic D&D character class: barbarian, paladin, rogue, or wizard. The game is a free-for-all, with very rules-light gaming that can be picked up pretty quickly. Last adventurer standing, wins!

Catan Treasures, Dragons, and Adventures Expansion

This dungeons and dragons-like game is an expansion to the classic game of Catan. You’ll also need the Catan: Seafarers, and the Catan: Cities and Knights expansions in order to play this game. The rules added to this version of Catan are pretty basic, but add tons of new options to the game, and extend unique play hours by a lot. Add a D&D-themed expansion to your regular game of Catan!

Dragon Chess Set

This beautiful chess set is made entirely of pewter dragons. If your gift recipient likes both DnD and chess, this extremely high-quality chess set could make for a great gift they’ll keep around for probably the rest of their life.

D&D Monopoly

What board game list is complete without adding Monopoly? In this game, instead of collecting property, players collect monsters. Players use one of six sculpted minis, while circling the board: dwarven cleric, elven ranger, halfling rogue, human fighter, human wizard, or tiefling bard. Be the last adventurer standing!

DnD Gifts for Online Play

These DnD gifts are great for online play. In recent years, people have started playing tabletop games online, more and more. If you know the person you’re buying a gift for already loves to play DnD online, with friends, these can make for great gifts that improve their experience.

Digital Adventures and Downloads on Roll20

If you are buying for someone who’s gaming habits you know really well, or for someone you game with, purchasing from Roll20 can be a good option. Roll20 is the largest online tabletop RPG platform, and all manner of adventures or graphic tokens can be purchased to improve gaming options and experience. To purchase, you need to create an account, then have your gift recipient’s email on hand, to send them their new digital assets. The bright news is that Roll20 does make the process very simple to purchase.

Webcam: NexiGo Autofocus 1080p

Anyone gaming online certainly benefits from a webcam. We recommend this particular webcam because it’s reasonably-priced, and is already widely-used by online streamers (on Twitch, and other streaming platforms). This webcam also has a privacy cover, and built-in mic with noise cancellation. The autofocus feature is also very nice, with great resolution.

Microphone: Blue Snowball

If your particular giftee happens to record their online games of D&D, create YouTube videos, or podcasts, having a high-end mic can be a major plus. This reasonably-priced mic offers professional-level recording, which is why we like it.

Gift Cards

If you’re looking for a DnD-themed gift, gift cards probably aren’t the best overall choice, since they’re generic, by design. Of course, they can be a good option if you really don’t know what else to get someone. We mention gift cards because there are many companies in the tabletop gaming space that offer them, and we feel our DnD gifts guide wouldn’t be complete for you, without.

Here’s a list of onlines companies that both offer many DnD Gifts, and have gift cards (or similar) available:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • D&D Beyond
  • DMs Guild
  • DriveThruRPG
  • Fantasy Grounds
  • HeroForge
  • Roll20

D&D Gift Ideas that Cost Nothing

We feel that no D&D gift idea list would be complete without including all the great gifts you can give someone that cost nothing but your time. After all, tabletop gaming is all about connection and community. What better then, to show someone you love and care about them, than to get into their tabletop world with your giftee?

1. Arts & Crafts

This may not be an entirely free option, as you may need to purchase some supplies. But, the idea is that you can create something D&D-inspired using really any sort of craft skill you possess. Oftentimes, hand-made items carry something very special to them that commercial items do not. Maybe it’s the love in every color selected, every stich made, or every dab of glue that really touches people’s hearts.

2. Make a D&D-Themed Meal

Similarly, a D&D-themed meal can be a great idea as a standalone gift, or as one part of a series of gifts. We even made some recommendations above in the Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her sections on cookbooks you might try, to find recipes that match a fantasy setting. One things for sure: it’ll be a meal someone will remember, forever.

3. Play A Tabletop RPG Together

When it really comes down to it, someone who loves DnD just wants to play DnD with you. Maybe DnD just isn’t of any interest to you. However, if you can find a way to play for even half an hour with someone you love – just let them run you through some of their recent gaming ideas – it’ll create an impression that will last forever. At the end of the day, nothing’s really more valuable than time with people we love. It’s the core of what tabletop RPGs are all about – time together.

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