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Best D&D Dice Reviews

Looking for the best D&D dice available on the market? Look no further. We tested over 35 dice brands, to save you time, and we’ve made our selection. 

Our number one recommendation for the best D&D dice is Dice Envy.

Read below to learn more, on why. We’ve also included reviews on an additional top 20 picks, for good measure. Finally, if you need a little more help deciding what dice is right for your D&D (or other tabletop) game, this guide contains all sorts of useful information on dice quality, material, precision, and thoughts on matching dice to game themes.  

Best D&D Dice


Metal Dice with Unique Numbering Font

Overall Best D&D Dice: Dice Envy

Dice Envy, hands down, has the best D&D dice available. They also have some of the largest selections of dice available, online. In addition to traditional acrylic and resin dice sets, they offer: 

Metal Dice: becoming more popular, these dice look great and last forever. Their extra weight makes for very satisfying rolls.

Wood Dice: quite rare to find on the market, today.  

Gemstone Dice: Dice Envy’s gemstone dice collection isn’t extremely large. However, their gemstone dice are very high quality.  

Precision Aluminum Dice: this gets points because it’s one of the only aluminum dice sets we’ve found anywhere, online.  

Infinity d4 Dice: these dice are great for tracking hit points, or can be used as counters.  

Customizable Dice Sets: when purchasing, you can choose an entire dice set of a kind you really like. Or, you can instead choose to get a single d20, d12, d8, d6, or d4. Really handy if you like to mix and match.  

Mystery Dice Sets: not sure what you want? No problem. Dice Envy will create a mystery set and send it your way.  

Subscription Sets: this is a great option for game store owners, or dice enthusiasts, as Dice Envy will send you their new dice, regularly.  

Dice Envy dice score top marks on all our dice criteria. They’re high quality, and have proper weighting on each side for truly randomized rolls. They offer a wide range of styles and have a wide variety of materials that are aesthetically pleasing. Pricing is also very competitive – their acrylic and resin dice are similar to other companies, while their metal dice are about 25% less expensive (very much appreciated). The company is also very reasonable when it comes to customer service and order/ charge issues. Shipping is fast. Overall, great experience purchasing from them.

Honorable Mentions for Best D&D Dice

Though not the absolute best D&D dice, these dice certainly get an honorable mention, and are only barely less recommended than Dice Envy. All of these companies offer great quality dice, with interesting aesthetics, and various material options. Choose any of these companies and you’ll definitely have great D&D dice for your tabletop game. If you look at the header for each company, we have also included a quick summary of what each company offers that’s unique, or what we liked best about them.

1. Skullsplitter – D&D Class-Based Dice

One of the best things about Skullsplitter dice is that they offer dice sets by D&D class. You can get dice specifically made for your barbarian, druid, paladin, wizard – really any base class in D&D. As far as we could find, this is the only company that offers high-quality class-based dice. In our book, having dice specifically crafted with a specific D&D class in mind is a big bonus. Of course, not all TTRPGs are a Class Based RPG, but even if playing a classless RPG, it can be fun to have thematic dice to help express your character.

Skullsplitter also has a wide variety of metal dice, along with tons of dice and gaming accessories (dice bags, dice trays, etc.). Additionally, skullsplitter offers quality metal d100’s, which are not easy to find. D100’s aren’t technically “random” since not all “sides” on the dice are evenly weighted, but still. Their d100 is a full ½ lbs. of great gaming fun.  

2. Metal Dice Games – Metal Dice, Gemstone Dice, Velvet Bags

Metal Dice Games has a very wide selection of – you guessed it – metal dice. They come in all kinds of colors, styles, and sizes. They even have metallic hollow dice (hollow on the inside). Surprisingly, however, they also offer a lot more. Despite their name, Metal Dice Games offers dice of all kinds of material make. In particular, they have one of the best selections of gemstone dice, including amethyst, lapis lazuli, tigers eye, and more.

Metal Dice Games also has all kinds of unique dice sizes and styles. For example, you can get mini dice (about the size of a penny), or mega dice (about double the size of normal dice). They also have glow in the dark dice, sharp edge dice (for that extra thrill), and unicorn dice (a unicorn symbol in place of the “20” on a d20). We also liked their selection of dice bags, dice trays, dice cups, and their special velvet bags that come with multiple compartments.

3. Haxtec – Industrial Metal Dice, Heat Sensitive Dice

Haxtec is one of the few dice companies to offer industrial-looking metal dice. If you’re playing in a steampunk tabletop game, you might want to consider one of these sets as it definitely matches the right vibe. One of the other neat things that Haxtec offers is heat sensitive dice. As the dice rests in your hand (or near any source of heat), the dice actually changes color, mood-ring style. Think of it like going Super Saiyan as your D&D game progresses, during the adventure, as you see your dice color change.

Haxtec’s gemstone dice also have a unique stylized underline for the dice’s numbers, almost like an elvish script. This can make it a little hard to read, at first, so may not be a great choice if you prefer simple dice rolling and viewing. However, all of Haxtec’s other dice are extremely legible. Overall, we like their dice for size, weight, feel, and the general uniqueness of their dice color schemes.

4. Norse Foundry – Variety of Metal Materials, Gaming Accessories

Norse Foundry is a well-known name in the world of D&D dice. They’ve been around since 2011 as a very successful company. So, you know when you order their dice that you’ll get a good product. Norse Foundry also prides themselves on the precision of their dice, meaning that all sides of a dice are equally weighted, so dice rolls are truly randomized.

This is one of the few dice companies that offers unique metal dice. They have zinc dice, aluminium dice, copper, brass, and bronze. They also offer many of their metal dice in mini size (pebbles), or mega size (boulders). We also appreciated their soft dice (plush, great as gifts for kids), their dice jails, spellbooks that hold gaming accessories, coins for roleplaying and tracking in-game currency, and high-quality tabletop miniatures.

5. DnD Dice – Glass Dice, Thematic Dice, Pound of Dice

We didn’t think you could consider a list of best D&D dice complete without including the company: DnD Dice. The best thing about DnD dice is the variety of unique dice. They’re one of the few companies, for example, to offer glass dice that look really good. We also love their hollow metal dice (which is a style that’s becoming much more popular). Their glitter dice have some unusual styles and graphics attached to the dice, for thematic times of the year, such as St. Patrick’s day or Halloween.

DnD Dice also has dice with inclusions – objects put inside the dice. Of course, anything put inside a dice certainly affects precision of truly randomized rolls. But, speaking simply as a fun factor, why not? DnD Dice also has electronic dice that light up from the inside, a great gemstone dice selection, and the option to custom-make dice with your name on it. DnD Dice is also one of the few companies that still offers pounds of dice and mounds of dice – large quantities, usually slightly defective, but at great dice prices.

6. Chessex – Classic D&D Dice

When you think of the standard in D&D dice, Chessex is basically it. They’re one of the largest, most enduring, and most well-known dice making brands. While Chessex isn’t particularly known for any one kind or style of dice, as many other companies are, we love them for their basic designs and dependability. We particularly love their speckled dice, as one example, because it’s a simple design that looks great.

Chessex also still offers a pound of dice option, has a number of specialty dice (symbols on the dice, instead of numbers), and allows customers to do custom-engraving. Chessex also offers a number of gaming accessorries, including battle mats. When it comes down to it though, we think of Chessex as the classic D&D dice company. One thing to note, however, with Chessex dice, is that they aren’t necessarily known as having the most dependably-randomized rolls. Their design and machining isn’t always perfect. Just something to keep in mind, if you’re really after a highly perfected dice roll.

7. Awesome Dice – Game Specific Dice Sets, D3 Dice

Awesome name for some truly Awesome Dice. What’s best about Awesome Dice is that they’ve created dice sets specifically for a number of tabletop RPGs (TTRPG). For instance, you can find D&D dice, dice for Witcher, Cthulu, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Vampire the Masquerade, and Werewolf. Each dice set is specifically themed for that tabletop game in terms of color, design, and overall aesthetics. Not all of the sets are created equal in terms of quality – some are certainly better than others. However, if you’re looking for a new set of dice that fits the tabletop game you’re playing, you might look into Awesome Dice’s TTRPG-specific sets.

Awesome Dice also has some gemstone dice, a decent selection of metal dice, one of the market’s only high-quality metal d3 dice (3 sided dice), and a monthly subscription box. Awesome dice does also offer Chessex and Q-Workshop dice through their company as well, though, so it’s not always 100% clear whose dice you’re really buying.

8. Haomeja – Steampunk, Classic D&D Dice Vibe

Haomeja – a lesser-known company – really only has four kinds of dice, but they are definitely flashy. They have metal-exterior, resin-interior steampunk-themed dice. Zinc alloy dice that change colors with heat (from holding in your hand, for example). Classic-looking metal dice with a dragon imprint background. And finally, they have hollow metal dice with a dragon imprint background.

Haomeja does not have the widest selection of dice, or even the most unique dice. However, they do seem to be a good fit for that classic D&D dice feel, and for steampunk tabletop gaming. We liked their dice designs and colors a lot, and would certainly recommend looking at their selections.

9. Forged Gaming – Unique Dice Textures, Dice Towers, Dice Holders

The most unique thing about Forged Gaming dice is their dice textures. As of the time of this writing, they only sell metal dice. But, their metal dice does come in a number of unique textures. They have banded textures, where strips of metal have been taken off the outside, leaving slight, striped indents. They also have a dragon scale texture, where the outside lines of the dice are solid, along with the inside numbers, but the rest of the dice is like miniature scale mail. We also enjoyed their fractured texture, where the dice has what looks like lines of magma all over the surface.

Forged Gaming’s dice towers (for rolling dice) are also very unique. They have some that fit a budget, while others are made to look like a grim reaper, for example. Their dice holders are also worth looking at. They have a dice jail cell, a stack of spellbooks that hold dice, treasure chests, and mimic treasure chests.   

10. Heimdallr Dice – Crisp Look and Style

Heimdallr Dice has some very high-quality dice options. We would even say higher quality than many other dice companies. Hemdallr dice are all metal, but come in a lot of different color schemes. What we liked best about Heimdallr is that the dice look crisp… the colors, numbering, the overall aesthetic of background texture. It’s all very good. The only downside is there’s nothing truly standout about these dice, when compared to the other great companies we’ve also reviewed.

As with Skullsplitter dice, Heimdallr does have dice sets that are themed according to D&D classes. However, though the dice sets are very high in quality, there aren’t as many dice set options for each D&D class, and there isn’t really anything that makes the dice a “class-based dice,” aside from class-thematic coloring.

11. Wiz Dice – Bulk Dice (Pound of Dice)

When it comes to bulk dice, we recommend Wiz Dice. You can currently only find their dice on Amazon. Their bulk dice comes in a wide variety of sets, including the famous Bag of Holding. Many of their dice sets also come with a dice bag or cup of some kind, that makes managing the large amount of dice you’re about to purchase, more manageable.

Wiz Dice aren’t typically specific in terms of colors or types. Each bag comes with an assortment of dice types (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and occasionally others). The dice are typically also a variety of colors. However, Wiz Dice does offer some sets that are slightly higher in value that have uniform color and style.

12. Q-Workshop – Themed Dice Sets

The best thing about Q-Workshop is that their dice are all TTRPG and fantasy themed. Want a glow in the dark dice set? They’ve got it. Want dice inscribed with runes? Got you covered. Here are just some of the many other thematic sets Q-Workshop offers:

  • Celtic
  • Cyberpunk
  • Elvish
  • Halloween
  • Mythical (Metal)
  • Japanese
  • Santa’s Dice
  • Starfinder
  • Viking
  • Witcher

Q-Workshop dice are just fun. They aren’t the flashiest, but they also aren’t the most expensive. Instead, you can find some quality dice with unique patterns, for good prices.

13. Paladin Roleplaying – Family-Owned

Paladin Roleplaying Dice originally launched as a Kickstarter. The best part about Paladin Roleplaying is that they’re a small, family-run business. Their dice are precision-balanced, and easy-to-read. They are certainly not the largest company in the market. They don’t have the largest selection, and their dice are not the flashiest. However, they do have some sets of premium metal dice, luxury wooden dice (which is rare), and a small selection of gemstone dice. Supporting them also means supporting small business. So, if that’s important to you, you might consider giving their dice a shot.

Additional D&D Dice You May Want to Check Out

Though not making an honorable mention for the title of best D&D dice, these dice companies do all offer some additional options that are valuable. One of the reasons these companies don’t make the top lists is that they can only be found on Amazon. However, if you have some extra time and you’re looking for something a little less expensive, or you simply don’t need anything fancy when it comes to dice, you might find something worth your time, here.

14. Bescon Dice

Bescon offers a 13 piece dice set, which is very unique for the industry. The set includes a d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 (percentile), d12, d20, d24, d30, d50, d60, and d100. Why you would want all those dice, we don’t know. It is really cool, though. Probably, they’re mainly for someone who enjoys dice collections, and really wants to have all the unusual dice that can be found. Though there aren’t a lot of situations in a D&D game, for example, where you might use all your newfound dice, you will likely be the only one in your friend group to have a d30.

15. CiaraQ Dice

Wide variety of colors. Each dice set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20) comes with its own dice bag.

16. Hong Hui Dice

Hong Hui has a very small selection of dice. They have hollow metal dice and dice with RPG symbols on them (such as hammers and axes) that all look great.

17. IvyFieldDice

IvyFieldDice offer dice sets that come in sets of 5, each containing a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Each set is in a different color.

18. SmartDealsPro Dice

SmartDealsPro is similar to IvyFieldDice in that dice sets come in sets of 6, each containing all the dice you need for a standard D&D game. The main difference is that each set comes with its own dice bag.

19. Toyful Dice

Toyful dice come in a selection of basic set sizes and colors. They also have some metal dice selections.

20. Zhoorqi Dice

Zhoorqi dice are electronic and light up from the dice’s inside.

What D&D Dice You’ll Need

In case you aren’t familiar, or you’re new to D&D, you will need the following dice to play a typical game:

  • D4 (4 sided die)
  • D6 (6 sided die)
  • D8 (8 sided die)
  • D10 (10 sided die)
  • D12 (12 sided die)
  • D20 (20 sided die)

Honestly, you’ll really want multiple dice of each kind when playing D&D. The reason being that many checks, attacks, and damage types require players to roll multiple dice at a time. When dealing damage, you might, for example, roll 3d6 + 1d4 (which would be three 6-sided dice, plus one 4-sided dice). If you don’t have multiple dice, you could end up rolling a single dice multiple times, which can get annoying.

In D&D, d20’s are the most-often used dice in your arsenal. You use it for determining if attacks hit, skill and knowledge checks, and virtually everything else that happens on a macro scale. All other dice sizes are primarily used for determining damage (or healing) from attacks, spells, and other effects.

Some other TTRPGs – of which there are many – use 2d10’s (two 10-sided dice) as “percentile dice.” One d10 acts as a 1-10, while the other acts as 10-100. Combine the two, and you’ll get numbers like 37, for example. Another example of commonly-used dice in other tabletop RPGs is to simply use all d6’s, or to primarily use d8’s.

Eternity TTRPG (our favorite) only uses d20’s, to keep the game very simple and quick-paced.

Are Metal D&D Dice Better?

With the increasing popularity of metal dice, many people ask if metal D&D dice are better for gaming. There are pros and cons to metal dice, plastic dice, and specialty dice. Preference is really more important for choosing your material than what’s objectively “better.”

Dice Material – Pros

Metal: metal dice are much weightier than other materials of dice. They aren’t as likely to roll off your table, since they don’t roll as far. They also tend to have a more consistent center of balance, making for slightly more randomized rolls.

Plastic: of all dice options, plastic is the least expensive. You can even get fairly aesthetically impressive dice without spending much. Another benefit is that since plastic dice are so common. You can easily get almost any kind of plastic set you’d like by just going to your local gaming store.

Specialty: specialty dice includes materials like glass, bone, wood, and gemstone. The biggest benefit to these dice is that they are unique, often flashy, and look fantastic. 

Dice Material – Cons

Metal: metal dice are often fairly expensive, at least in comparison to plastic dice. You can certainly find good deals, but you should definitely expect to pay more for a metal set. Also, because metal dice are much heavier than plastic dice, it’s worth mentioning that when rolled, they can cause damage. You may consider getting a dice tray, dice tower, or rolling your metal dice onto a battle mat, as opposed to rolling metal dice directly onto a table’s surface.

Plastic: plastic dice really require high quality precision. Because the weight is less, they’re more prone to imperfections that make one side of the dice weigh slightly more than others – effectively reducing randomness in rolls. Plastic dice are also less flashy than metal or specialty dice, overall.

Specialty: specialty dice includes materials like glass, bone, wood, and gemstone. These materials are more brittle than metal dice, and tend to have more wear and tear, faster, than plastic or metal dice. It’s also worth noting that of all dice options, gemstone dice are also the most expensive dice material.

Matching D&D Dice Style to the Game You’re Playing

One of the reasons we ranked Skullsplitter and DnD dice so high in our list of reviewed dice companies is that we love their thematic approach. For long-time tabletop RPG players, matching the right dice style to the game you’re playing can feel pretty important. It’s kind of like writing with the right pen, or playing a video game with your favorite controller. Once you’ve played TTRPGs long enough, finding the right weight, style, material, looks, and overall vibe to your dice definitely enhances the gaming experience.

As such, you might consider the following list when deciding which style of dice to use or purchase for your next D&D campaign:

  • Game System – D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Eternity TTRPG, etc.
  • Genre – Fantasy, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, etc.
  • Campaign Mood – High Fantasy, Dark and Gritty, etc.
  • Character Class You’re Playing – Cryomancer, Fallen Paladin, Rogue, etc.
  • Character Personality – Light and Humorous, Serious and Contemplative, Adventurous and Brash, etc.

Naturally, dice are only a small part of making an RPG campaign successful. However, they are one of the small and easy-to-implement gaming accessories that can help get a gaming group into the much-coveted flow state. Sometimes all it takes to push tabletop RPG experiences to the next level is the right dice or gaming accessory.

Measuring the Best Brand of Dice for D&D

Is there a best brand of dice for D&D? No, not really. We prefer Dice Envy because of their selection, quality, and aesthetics. But, if you follow any of our dice reviews above, you’re likely to find a dice brand that works well for you, regardless of which you go with.

When creating our reviews, we focused on the following criteria. You may think about using these same criteria for yourself, before picking your next dice set:

  • Overall Dice Quality: overall value of the dice. Does it look great, roll well, and is it made well? Is it the kind of dice that you’d want to play with at your gaming table, week after week?
  • Readability: one of the key factors of great dice is how easy it is to read the numbers. This may seem like a throwaway-measurement, as most dice are easy to read. However, there are certain font types some companies use on their dice that really make reading numbers excessively difficult. “Elvish” fonts, in particular, seem to be bad for this kind of thing.
  • Style and Aesthetics: dice quality is not enough, when considering the best D&D dice. To be the best, a dice has to have something special about its appearance. Regardless of material, we searched for dice that looked simply stunning. Something we’d be proud to roll in front of our gaming group, and that would help everyone get more into the game.
  • Precision: not all dice are equally random for all numbers on the dice. Basically, crafting imperfections can sometimes leave one side slightly heavier than another side, resulting in a loaded dice. For some people, this is a huge factor. For us, it is an important factor – but it’s not the most important factor. The reason being that unless you roll a dice 100 times and take careful notes, you’re unlikely to notice a single side getting more rolls (unless your 20-sided dice is always rolling 1’s or 20’s). However, if you have perfectionist tendencies, make sure that the company you’re purchasing from has a high standard on dice precision.
  • Uniqueness: unique dice is not always the most important factor when looking for great dice. However, if the style is tasteful, it can certainly add to the dice. Unique dice materials tend to stand out, such as glass, gemstone dice, bone, or wood. Or, dice with unique background textures. It can also sometimes be interesting to use dice that are heavily themed, like Halloween, or dice that are glow-in-the-dark.
  • Budget: of course, you need to factor in budget for your dice decision-making. In general, plastic is the least expensive. Metal is a step above. And many specialty dice (especially gemstone) are a tier above that. In our book, quality is more important to budget, as you can definitely find great looking plastic dice from many companies that are very inexpensive.

How Random Is Your D&D Dice?

As a final note, if you do want to make sure your dice has a high degree of precision, here is a simple test you can try. Golfers sometimes use this same method, to see if their golf balls are well-balanced, before play. Put your dice in a glass of salt water and “spin it” around. If it continually “rolls” to the same number, in the water, then the dice is unbalanced. Here’s a YouTube video that perfectly explains this great trick for testing your dice balance.

Beyond that, simply check a company’s “About Us” page on their website, before purchasing their dice. Most companies that really do make an effort to perfectly balance their dice for true randomness make a point to talk about it on their About Pages. Dice balance really is a differentiator among dice companies. Also, in our lists above, we mentioned on each company’s review if they do prioritize dice precision, so be sure to make another scan through each, if you’re considering a purchase.

The Best D&D Dice is the Set That You Choose For Yourself

At the end of the day, whatever dice you end up choosing for your tabletop game is the dice set that’s best for you. TTRPGs are all about having fun. We hope you’ll find some value in this guide for selecting the right dice set for you. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you go to the gaming table with a set of dice that makes you proud. Find something that you love, and roll 20.